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At same day appliance repair, we know customer service, thats why we have trained technicians that are certified and licenced in residential air conditioner repair. We service Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx and Staten island. We are commited to same day service because i know first hand what it means to be stuck without an air conditioner in very hot weather. My name is Tony and i am the owner of " Same day appliance repair". I graduated from Technical career institute in 2003. I studied climate control. I also worked in the feild for seven years. I have exstensive knowledge of air conditioning efficiency which is related to energy efficiency.

We specialize in the following models but are not limited to:

Amana, Bryant, Carrier, Coleman, Frigidaire, Freidrich, Goodman, Honeywell, Rheem, Trane, York, Mcquay, Skillaire, Ge, Fedders, Lg, Iceaire, Mitsubishi, Fijitsu, Islandaire, Caloric, Lennox, Puron, Ruud, Tempstar, Whirlpool, Delonghi, Kenmore, Sunpentown, Panasonic, Haier, Goldstar.

Things to know about an air conditioner for energy efficiency:

The basic function of an air conditioner is to remove heat from a medium or inside room and place that heat were it is convenient, usually outside. It also dehumidifies the air. The most important thing to know about energy efficiency. The first step is to make sure you purchase the right size air conditioner. They are measured in BTU which stands for british thermal unit. If it is to small than the compressor will constantly run and will never reach the temperature that you want and also waste a lot of energy which is directly proportional to electrical consumption. If the unit is to big, it also will never reach the temperature you specify. Bigger is better in some cases but not with an air conditioner. Always make sure your filter is clean. If its dirty than you will consume more energy because the compressor will stay on to try to achieve the set temperature but never will. The size in BTU is directly proportional to the size room. The bigger the room in cubic feet than the higher the BTU. Please remember that a room unit are built for rooms ONLY. A room is an enclosed space. Please remember that the part of an air conditioner that faces the outside air (condenser) should be properly installed and never be clogged or blocked by any object. The unit should always be tilted upright so that the water can drain freely outside. The air conditioner should also always be insulated so that the inside air does not escape outside.

The four major components of an air conditioner are:

The Compressor:

The compressor is considered the heart of the air conditioning process. The term that best describes a compressor is a vapor pump. The compressor actually increases the pressure from the suction pressure level to the discharge pressure level. In simpler terms, the compressor compresses liquid gas and turns it into a vapor state. Usually R-22 is the gas that is used in air conditioners.

The condenser:

The condenser is a heat exchange device similar to the evaporator. It rejects the heat from the system absorbed by the evaporator. This heat is rejected from a hot superheated vapor in the first passes of the condenser. The middle of the condenser rejects latent heat from the saturated vapor, which is in the process of phase changing to a saturated liquid. The last passes of the condenser reject heat from sub cooled liquid. So the three functions of the condenser are to de-superheat, condense and sub cool the gas or refrigerant. The condenser is operated at higher pressures and temperatures than the evaporator and is located outside.

The evaporator

The evaporator in a refrigeration system is responsible for absorbing heat into the system from whatever medium is to be cooled. This heat absorbing process is accomplished by maintaining the evaporator coil at a lower temperature than the medium to be cooled.The fan motor assist in removing heat from the medium or room. The fan sucks the heat over the evaporator coils which in return cools the air and blows back into the room.

The expansion device:

The expansion device, often called the metering device, is the fourth component necessary for the compression refrigeration cycle to function. The expansion device is not as visible as the evaporator, the condenser or the compressor. Generally the device is concealed inside the evaporator cabinet and not obvious to the casual observer. The expansion device is one of the division lines between the high side of the system and the low side. The expansion device is responsible for metering the correct amount of gas to the evaporator. The evaporator performs best when it is as full of refrigerant as possible.

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