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I know what your thinking, Should i repair or replace? That all depends on the situation. Most of the time it is better to repair than to replace. As the rule of thumb goes, Only replace if the repair is half the price of replacing but take everything else into consideration.

Replacing a unit can be very expensive, not only do you have to buy a new appliance but sometimes pay for delivery, Although most company's offer free delivery. You also have to think about installation which is sometimes the same cost as a repair. You know your situation so its up to you but we can help and give you the best price available. Feel free to call us. We can answer any question you may have instantly.


"Reliance Appliance" provides emergency service. We do not charge for travel time. We service all five boroughs which include Brooklyn, Queens & Manhattan. Our main office is located in Brooklyn, NY, But remember, We come to your residence at no extra cost.

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