Is your dishwasher not washing properly or maybe it just doesnt work, then read this dishwasher troubleshooting guide to fix it yourself

Dishwasher is not working at all:

For dishwasher troubleshooting, the first thing you need to check when you have this problem is the power getting to the dishwasher from the house. Turn the breaker off then back on and see if the power is restored to the dishwasher. If that does not work then test the fuse in the box to make sure it is not blown. Inspect the wiring connected to the dishwasher. It is possible to have a loose connection or broken wire that will cause you to have no power. Check the connection box where the house supply connects to the dishwasher itself. This is the most common area for a failure. You may have some lose wire nuts. dishwasher troubleshooting

Dishes are still dirty at the end of a wash:

First, check the temperature from the hot water coming out of your sink. It should be between 140 to 150 degrees. You should always scrape and rinse all dishes before loading the dishwasher. Dishes cant touch and should always face the direction of the spray nozzle to get completely clean. Always put fresh dishwasher detergent inside the dishwasher. Check the detergent cup and remove hardened detergent or mineral deposits. Also make sure the lid isnt blocked and check the dispensor solenoid because the timer might be defective, also check and make sure the arms of the dishwasher is not blocked.

Dishwasher does not fill with water or it drains while filling:

Check that the water supply is turned on. The valve may be located under the sink./ Check the door latch switch./ Test the door switch./ Inspect the float assembly./ Inspect the fill tube for kinks./ Test the float switch./ Check the inlet valve filter screens./ Test the water inlet valve./ Test the drain valve lever arm./ Check the drain valve

Water does not drain from the dishwasher:

Check the sink drain and drain hose for restrictions./ Unjam the motor./ Unjam the pump./ Check the drain valve./ Check the drive belt./ Test the timer motor./ If you have a brand new dishwasher or garbage disposal, check the knock out plug on the garbage disposal.

caution. It is not recommended to fix an appliance on your own. Gas and electricity can be very hazardous. Please call a professional appliance repair technician for all your appliance needs.

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