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Dryer troubleshooting guide and tips

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How does an electric dryer machine work?

Electric dryers use a nichrome wire heating element. This type of wire is a good conductor of heat because it has a high electrical resistance which allows it to get hot. It's also perfect for use in a dryer because it doesn't oxidize when it gets hot like an iron wire, which would rust if used in a dryer. The wire is set in a pan on the back of the dryer normally in two circles toward the outside of the pan. As the air is drawn in and past the elements, the air is heated and used to dry the clothes.

The air is pulled through a large hole usually located in the front of the dryer. it is then pulled through the heating elements and into the tumbler. The air then travels through the clothes and into the holes in the dryer door or other location near the lint trap. As it goes through these holes it exits through the lint trap and collects all lint and hair. The air then goes down through a duct and a fan sucks the air out a vent outside of the dryer or outside of your home.

The tumbler is the place where you put the clothes th be dried. It has a large belt around it that is pulled by a motor. The belt is hooked to a tensioner pulley and then a drive pulley. The motor then moves the pulleys which turn the tumbler around. It goes round and round which keeps the clothes moving and the hot air moving through them. On the front of the dryer is the knobs that you can set to the amount of heat you want and for the time you want the dryer to be on. This way you can dry both delicate fabrics or cottons on it's own setting. You can also set it to dry jeans for a long time and fabrics such as sheets for a short time. Normally there is setting for just air circulation too with no heat. This setting is for the most delicate of fabrics.

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