there can be a simple solution to a simple problem with dryer machines. This is a dryer repair troubleshooting guide.

Dryer wont start:

Check the plug and reset the circuit breaker. It could simply mean that there's no power getting to the machine./ Make sure the door is closed and the latch isn't obstructed by any articles of clothing./ More extreme problems for a dryer that wont start are a bad door switch, a failed drive belt, a failed motor or a bad thermal fuse. Dryer troubleshooting

If the dryer dries slowly:

Clean the lint filter. Remove the lint and clean it with hot water and a toothbrush. A clogged filter can cause slow drying./ clean the exhaust duct. Dryer troubleshooting. A clog here can also prevent the dryer fro drying./ Straighten out any kinks in the exhaust duct./ Remove some clothes from a heavy load. Overloading puts undo stress on the machine creating an eternity to retrive dry clothes./ Replace the door gasket if it's bad.

If the dryer squeals or rumbles when running:

Replace the driver belt idler pulley. Usually a frofessional is needed./ Lubricate or replace the rollers that support the drum./ Clean out lint from the blower wheel. A clogged vacuum blower is a noisemaker./

caution. It is not recommended to fix an appliance on your own. Gas and electricity can be very hazardous. Please call a professional appliance repair technician for all your appliance needs.