there can be a simple solution to a simple problem with a refrigerator

Refrigerator is not working and the light is not on:

First check to see if the plug is secured. If it is Than the most likely cause is the power outlet. If the light is not on and there is no power to the fridge than i suggest checking the power outlet. Check the circuit breaker and also make sure you have a good fuse in the circuit breaker.

Refrigerator does not run but the light works:

There can be many problems. First check to see if the compressor is hot, if it is you may have a bad compressor, or maybe there is something causing the compressor to overheat, as i said there can be many problems. Make sure your condenser coil is clean. Make sure there isn't any air leakage from the freezer and refrigerator doors, it could be a bad gasket. Also make sure the condenser fan is running, this is located in the back of the fridge right next to the compressor. Also make sure your evaporator fan is running, this is located in the freezer, the evaporator fan doesn't run all the time, when the fridge is in defrost mode the fan stops running that is why it can be confusing to try and troubleshoot yourself. It is recommended to call a professional refrigerator technician.

refrigerator or freezer is not cold enough:

This can be a little tricky. Sometimes it can be the defrost system. When ice builds up on the coils it can block the ventilation which supplies the fridge compartment. Problems with the defrost can be the timer, heater or defrost thermostat. Another problem can be the actual thermostat which is located in the refrigerator, another word for this is the "thermostat housing".

Refrigerator runs continuously:

Like i said before there can be numerous problems but sometimes the most likely cause is the air escaping usually through a small gap in the door. When this occur, the fridge never reaches the temperature desired, therefore the compressor continuously runs to try to achieve the temperature which in turn will overheat and eventually your compressor will stop working.

Refrigerator has an unpleasant odor:

This can be because of spoiled food. Sometimes it is best to remove the food and clean the interior of the fridge. Baking soda also helps. Another cause can be rodents which i have seen a lot. They run to the back of the fridge where the condenser fan motor is running, and we all know what happens next, ill leave that part out.

caution. It is not recommended to fix an appliance on your own. Gas and electricity can be very hazardous. Please call a professional appliance repair technician for all your appliance needs.

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