Is your stove or oven acting up and you feel you can do it yourself. This is a do it yourself guide.

caution. It is not recommended to fix an appliance on your own. Gas and electricity can be very hazardous. Please call a professional appliance repair technician for all your appliance needs.

Nothing works

If it is an electric stove, Check to see if there is power coming from the outlet, if not, than there is an electrical problem, not a range problem. If there is, your electronic board might be bad. The electronic board is kind of the brains of the range. If the board is bad than everything is down. The board contains electronic chips that feed each of the ranges components. Components including the thermostat, Ignition box, Spark wires, etc.

One, two, three or four burners dont work:

For gas stoves, this is a pretty simple repair. The problem may be your burners are clogged and are not getting proper ventilation. Each burner has small holes for the ignition process, check to make sure these tiny holes are not clogged. Sometimes when cleaning a stove, small residue from the cleaning element may clog the holes which prevent the flame from escaping. Also make sure that your gas line itself is not clogged. Usually a professional technician is a wise choice when dealing with gas.

Food doesn't cook properly in the oven

The major cause of this is the oven thermostat. If your food is being burnt or it is under cooked than its most likely your thermostat. The thermostat in some ovens can be recalibrated. This is a difficult task if you don't have any experience with oven's. The next step is to replace the thermostat itself. Also make sure the thermocouples, the part that measures temperature which is located inside the oven, is not broken or tampered with.

Oven does not heat at all

If your oven does not heat at all, for gas stoves the problem may be the pilot light. Check to make sure your pilot light is there. If it isn't than the most likely cause is that your gas line is clogged. Sometimes a little wind may put out the pilot light, this is normal in most gas stoves but can become a headache for many. If your oven is electric than the most likely cause is the ignitor, which would have to be replaced.

Broiler does not work

In most cases, the cause of this is the ignitor, which would need to be replaced.

Self cleaning feature does not work

The self cleaning feature doesn't actually clean the oven. It raises the temperature to a very high setting, around 1000 degrees which dilutes any grease in the oven, thus, making it easier for you to clean. If it does not work but everything else works, than most likely the oven door is not closed properly.

The oven exterior is to hot

If the oven exterior is to hot than check the oven seal gasket to make sure it is in place, if it is than the main cause would be the insulation inside the oven

The spark isn't igniting the gas

this is for electronic ranges. The major problem is that you may have a break in the ignition wire, if not than change the ignition box which is usually located on the back of the stove.